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What are save-the-dates? Do I need them?
When should I order wedding invitations?
What does a typical wedding invitation consist of?
When should the wedding invitation be mailed?
What are double envelopes? Will I need those?
Whose names should be included on the invitations?
Can I address the envelopes using labels?
In addition to the invitation, what other printed pieces might I need?

We can provide answers to these questions and many others you may have. We are well aware that planning a wedding can be a time filled with anxiety along with the need to make difficult decisions. We will relieve that stress for you and guide you gently, creatively, and professionally through the invitation process.

In addition to wedding invitations, Yellow Bird offers all types of invitations, fine stationery, as well as a variety of great gifts. Contact us for an appointment, or better yet, simply come in so we can show you how to make your upcoming event truly memorable.

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